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Live Now: LET YOUR HAND REST UPON ME – Praying the Promises 7th Sept, 2023

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Live Now: LET YOUR HAND REST UPON ME – Praying the Promises 7th Sept, 2023

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Scriptural Text: Isaiah 45:19
“I have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth: I said not unto the seed of Jacob, Seek ye me in vain;”
God’s call for you to give yourself to Him in service is not a call unto poverty or loss.
Our opening text today reminds us that He has not called us to serve Him for nothing.
That means there is a reward for every form of labour we exert in the service of God.
The Lord Jesus also says that there are not only heavenly rewards, but earthly rewards to enjoy here on earth also (Mark 10:29 - 30).
In claiming these rewards however, faith must always come into play. This is because when faithfulness obeys God, a reward is immediately released.
Whatever deficiency you may seem to have incurred in the service of God, faith is given to you to recover all and much more,
so that no matter what you give to God, you will always have more than enough. However, only faith can grant you access to that reward.
Therefore, as you respond to instructions for faithfulness today, do also listen for instructions of faith, so you may be able to redeem due compensation.
You are due for increase and blessings as you labour in prayer, in giving and in soulwinning is about to be rewarded; exercise your faith now by speaking God’s promises of provision into reality in your life.
🙏 Startup Prayer
Father in the name of Jesus, you are the Lord my rewarder. Help me to be rightly positioned to receive all the provisions you have released to me today, in Jesus Name.
Paraguay's government promotes religious freedom and most of the population is Roman Catholic,
but because of its location in the center of South America, Paraguay has become involved in the crime of larger surrounding countries like Brazil and Argentina.
Economically, many of its people live below the poverty line.
Prayer for the nation:
Father in the name of Jesus, we break every hold of darkness keeping men bound in this nation; we lose them to serve the Lord in the name of Jesus.
Prayer for the leaders: :
Father in the name of Jesus, we ask that you will give the leaders of this nation a heart for justice and truth, in Jesus name.
🕍 PRAYER FOR ISRAEL – ( Psalms 122-6 )(Ps 122:6)
Father in the name of Jesus, show your mercy and favour in this set time to Israel. Let your mercy not depart from Israel, in Jesus name.
Dear Father, we pray for the body of Christ, we ask that you will raise men and women who will contend for the unity of faith in all places and at all times, in Jesus name.
Father in the name of Jesus, we pray for every unsaved soul in our nation, we ask that you will give them the grace to turn their backs from falsehood and it's bondage, in Jesus name.
1Kings 18 and 19,
Psalm 86,
2Corinthians 8
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