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Live Now: LEAD ME INTO SUPERNATURAL PROVISION – Praying the Promises 6th Sept, 2023

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Live Now: LEAD ME INTO SUPERNATURAL PROVISION – Praying the Promises 6th Sept, 2023

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Scriptural Text: Hebrews 11:6
- But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
Faith is the assurance that God hears us and that He answers those who call unto Him. Every time we pray, we demonstrate this trust.
To stop praying therefore, is to declare distrust in God's ability to hear us or to come to our aid.
Our opening text today assures us that God rewards those who diligently seek Him.
In other words, in order to receive from God, we must demonstrate our trust in Him by being consistent in seeking Him, which is the sign of our faith.
The Bible records series of examples that teaches us to trust in God.
We see in various instances how believers who were faced with various challenges, called unto God and He heard them. These all had one thing in common, faith that God was able to help them.
Therefore, having this understanding today, approach your fellowship with God and your prayer life with unwavering faith in God's ability to reward your labour and grant your petitions.
Refuse to allow unbelief rob you of your blessing. Stay believing!
🙏 Startup Prayer
Father in the name of Jesus, give me grace to maintain unwavering faith in you, in Jesus Name.
Paraguay's government promotes religious freedom and most of the population is Roman Catholic,
but because of its location in the center of South America, Paraguay has become involved in the crime of larger surrounding countries like Brazil and Argentina.
Economically, many of its people live below the poverty line.
Prayer for the nation:
Father in the name of Jesus, pour out your Spirit upon the nation Paraguay, and cause the power of crime and superstition to be broken in the land, in Jesus Name.
Prayer for the leaders: :
Father in the name of Jesus, we ask that you cause government leaders to embrace righteousness in place of corruption in the nation, in Jesus Name.
🕍 PRAYER FOR ISRAEL – ( Psalms 122-6 )(Ps 122:6)
Father in the name of Jesus, show your mercy and favour in this set time to Israel. Let your mercy not depart from Israel, in Jesus name.
Dear Father, we pray for the body of Christ, we ask that you will raise men and women who will contend for the unity of faith in all places and at all times, in Jesus name.
Father in the name of Jesus, we ask that your revival fire will rest upon the hearts of men and women in our cities, thus leading to a widespread of the message of the cross to all the nations of the earth in Jesus name.
1Kings 16 and 17,
Psalm 85,
2Corinthians 7
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